Cross Keys Inn, Temperance

Cross Keys Customer Comments

Steve Bott - Posted on: Thursday 16th of September 2010 at 04:43pm

One of the most relaxing places I have come across - anywhere!

Martin Emmerson - Posted on: Wednesday 25th of August 2010 at 10:38pm

Finest breakfasts anywhere in the Pennines. Nice rooms as well and a cosy atmosphere.

Must pop in again some time soon with the family (two daughters now) hence less trips to watch Sunderland on the road, although they aren't worth watching away at the mo anyway.

Having said that the lure of a hearty breakfast in a lovely countryside setting might make me change my mind!

Gerry Doyle - Posted on: Friday 23rd of January 2009 at 06:06pm

I was one of 14 walkers ( from Prestbury Squash Club) who invaded your fine Inn last weekend when you were able to produce tea and toasted tea cakes to keep us going. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the history lesson. I'll be back after you return from Africa and try out the b/b with my wife.

catherine copley - Posted on: Monday 11th of August 2008 at 10:38pm

if you need time out from newspapers, radio, television and people - with good food then this is the place for you. Oh yes, and some good walking too.

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